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Hiking, sports and the sea


For its moderate clima La Palma offers ist habitants and guests at every season the ideal preconditions for many activities in an impressive landscape. 


For water sports enthusiasts there are many posibilities like diving, sailing, surfing, deep sea fishing and unforgettable boat trips with whale watching.

If You plan activity holiday, there are  mountainbiking, biketours, horse riding, paragliding or hiking.













The national Parc of the Caldera de Taburiente

together with the highest point of the Island, the Roque de Los Muchachos (2426m), 12 other peaks up to 2000m high form an impressive massif at the bord of the Caldera.

On different trails along the bord of the crater you defekt breath taking views down the Caldera. At the Roque de los Muchachos is one of the most important observatories the "Observatorio Astrofisico".


Hiking on the volcanic island of La Palma

On the ridge of the Cumbre Vieja – an extended elevation from the Caldera in the north to Fuencaliente in the south - there are trails trough the vulcanic landscape typical for the Island of La Palma. One hike leads You over ash Plains along estingushed craters, lava flows and bizarr rock formations

with fantastic views on the Atlantic Ocean and the other its end You reach the Teneguia, the youngest Vulcano of the Canary Islands, which broke out the last time in 1971. Near to it a visitors center was erected on the theme of the vulcanism on La Palma.

La Palma is a paradise for every hiker

If You are a nature lover or attend a guided hiker group, if You like nordic walking, an expert mountaineer or a  passionate gorge

climber, La Palma has trails for all Fitness levels and lets become every hike an impressive experience. Here You discover hiking a landscape of astounding beauty: in the national parc Caldera de Taburiente or in the untouched nature of  the fog woods of

 Los Tilos, a Woodland in the north of La Palma declared bio sphere reservacion by the UNESCO.

Cross one of the many wild romantic canyons with overboarding vegetation and discover hiking gorges, fountains and waterfalls.

La Palma has a dense and well signposted net of trails and offers every hiker tours appropriate to his taste and constitution.



The beaches of La Palma


La Palma doesnt offer the tourists white beaches, but the

existing ones  are never the less beautiful. For on La Palma they join to clean water and beautiful views on the cliffs. To that comes that the beaches of  La Palma are not that crowded as one knows from other holiday regions.The sand can get pretty hot, so You should bring along bathing shoes. But then there is no obstacle anymore to discover the most beautiful beaches all around the island. The more touristic beaches offer  loungers and parasols and there are

also restaurants and snackers, so You dont miss any comfort.

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