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-Livingroom with table and sofa : radio/CD, sat-TV, internet, safe

-Kitchen:: gas-cooker, stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, coffeemachine,  toaster, blender etc.

-Dormitory with 2 beds(0,9mx2m) caoutchouc mattrasses and a    

 big wardrobe.

-Dormitory with 2 beds (0,9mx2m) with caoutchouc mattrasses, a

 chest of drawers and a big wardrobe.

-Big bath with shower and toilet

-Covered terrace with table and barbaque and a biotope with


-Roof terrace with table and lounger.

The apartment Vista lies above the house Casa has 2 Terrasse. One is covered and has a barbaque and the other a roof terrace with a  fantastic  viewon the sea and the mountains.
Itvist children safe and absolutely quiet.
The apartment Vista has 2 dormitories and 1 bathroom
For 2-4 persons
Children beds are included.

Price for a  day:                                                                                        78,00€

All included

-Big living room with table and sofa/bed

  radio/CD, sat-TV, internet,  safe,

-Sleeping Gallert with double bed (1,4mx2m) with caoutchouc mattress. 

-Kitchen with ga-cooker, refrigerator, coffee machine, microwave

  toaster, blender etc..

-dormitory with 2 beds (0,8mx2m) with caoutchouc mattasses and a

 big wardrobe

-Bathroom with shower and toilet

-Partly covered terrace with table,barbaque and lounger. 

The apartment Pajar is the original goat-stable.
With a lot of work and love we transformed it into a unique apartment with a wonderfull atmosphere. The old stonewalls are still there, even a piece of rock
comes out of the floor.
The little house is separated from the apartments
and has 2 rooms and 1 bathroom
For 2-4 persons
Children beds are included
Price for 1 day:


All included




The apartment Soldanellla lies above the poolarea  and can be combined well with the apartment Casa federle. On the terrace a big palmtree spends shadow. It is 

fenced for the protection of the children.From there 

You have a wonderfull view over the sea.

The apartment  Soldanella has 2 dormitories and

2 bathrooms.

For 2-4 persons


Children beds are included.


​Price for 1 day:                                                         80,00€

All included

-Big living room with table and sofa, radio/CD, sat-TV, internet, safe

-Kitchen with electric cooker , stove, refrigerator, coffee machine, 

  toaster, blender etc.

-Dormitory with 2 beds (0,9mx2m) with caoutchouc mattresses, a     

 chest drawer and wardrobe.

-Dormitory with 2 beds (0,8mx2m) with caoutchouc mattresses and a    

 chest drawer

-Bathroom with separated shower and toilet

-Bathroom with bathtube and toilet

-Big terrace with table, barbaque and lounger.

-Wonderfull view over the sea.

-Living room with table, sofa and chimney, radio/CD, sat-TV internet, safe

-Kitchen with gas-cooker, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave

 toaster, coffemachine, blender, etc.

-Dormitory with 2 beds (0,9mx2m) with caoutchouc mattresses and    wardrobe.

-Dormitory 2 with 2 beds (0,9mx2m) with caoutchouc mattresses and  wardrobe.

-dormitory 3 with 2 beds (0,9mx2m) with caoutchouc mattresses and  separate changing room with wardrobe.

-Bath with tube, shower and toilet.

-Winter garden with dining table for 6 persons.

-Roofed terrace with a little seating Corner and View on the sea.

-Large garden with lawn, hammock and a barbecue place.

Casa Federle


The apartment Casa Federle is the original main house which lies in the middle of a subtropical garden with many palmtrees and a hammock.

There is also a wonderfull place with table and barbecue.

It can be combined easily with the apartment Soldanella.

The apartment Casa Federle has 3 dormitories and

1 bathroom.

For 2-6 persons 


Children beds are included.

​Price for 1 day:                                                                                         92,00€

All included


Solar heatet pool (4mx8m) with skin friendly salt water
Casa Federle-Pool-Vogelperspektive
Casa Federle-Pool-1
Casa Federle-Pool-Tischtennisraum
Casa Federle-Pool-2

Pool area:

the area is endclosed by a wall and can only be entered by a door. So Your children can use the pool only accomanied by an adult.

The water is prepared with salt water from La Palma and very

skin friendly, because there is no clorine used.

In wintertime we heat the water with a heating pump up to

25 degrees. (The current comes from our solar equipment)

There are a lot of water toys . A solar sail spends shadow .

There are a table tennis room and a common barbecue place

at Your disposal..


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